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At Drop Tine Fabrication we specialize in custom metal fabrication and precision CNC plasma metal cutting. We cover many fields in our cutting and fabrication such as industrial steel / parts, oil field, automotive=off road and race applications, metal art, home and garden decor, signs, rustic lighting, and much much more. 

Time is money in the industrial field, with precision CNC plasma cutting we can cut faster and cleaner than conventional oxy cutting with speeds up to 250 inches a minute depending on the thickness and type of metal. We are able to cut up to 3/4" steel plate with virtually No Design Limits.  On all metals cut there is little to no clean up saving you money through less preperation of cut pieces for welding and fabrication and a much cleaner look. We utilize water bed tables on our machines to eliminate warping of material when cutting in tight tolerances. Our CNC (computer numerical controlled) cutting  table can handle plate up to 5' by 12'.

Plasma cutting uses special torches, power supplies and nozzles to control a stream of ionized gas. The stream of gas (oxygen) can cut through carbon steels, aluminum and stainless steel with great precision. High definition plasma cutting improves edge quality on thinner materials (3/8" and less)  by increasing the energy density of the ionized gas stream.

We can design virtually any image you wish utilizing our multipile autocad programs we have in service.
Our custom designs and fabrications are one of a kind hand crafted pieces for each of our customers needs. Weather you design it or we design it the final product is a clean cut well built piece designed especialy just for you.

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